Speed it up

The Smith Manoeuvre” Accelerators can help you pay down your mortgage debt faster and increase your portfolio growth.

The Smith Manoeuvre is an extremely efficient method of accomplishing a number of any typical Canadian’s goals simultaneously: eliminate your expensive, non-deductible mortgage debt faster than the banks would have you, generate valuable tax deductions every year, and invest for your future – starting now.

The book, “Is Your Mortgage Tax Deductible? – The Smith Manoeuvre”, not only explains in detail how you can greatly improve your financial situation using the appropriate home financing structure and nothing but the existing mortgage payment you are already making each month, but the book will also teach you how you can greatly speed up the process using mortgage conversion accelerators.

Cash Flow Diversion

Learn how to redirect any existing savings programs you may have established to greatly magnify the benefit of your current savings program.  Are you putting $200 away each month for your future?  Make that $200 work more than once via the Cash Flow Diversion technique.  Still get those funds invested each month for your retirement but also speed up the conversion of your mortgage and generate valuable tax deductions at the same time.

Debt Swap

Do you have $5,000, $10,000, $50,000 in paid-up investments sitting in an open investment account somewhere?  Learn how you can further accelerate the conversion of your mortgage using these investments – start with the $10,000 you already invested and end with the same $10,000 invested but convert $10,000 of your non-deductible mortgage debt to deductible debt to generate valuable tax deductions.  And accomplish this in around a week.  You may even be able to fully convert your mortgage immediately with what you already have.

Cash Flow Dam

Do you own your own small unincorporated business? A home-based business or maybe a rental property?  The Cash Flow Dam is an extremely effective accelerator for The Smith Manoeuvre.  It can take years and years off of the amortization of your expensive, non-deductible mortgage.


When you invest in securities, there may be a dividend reinvestment program (DRiP) you can opt-in to which would automatically reinvest any dividends your holdings earn. However, if you are implementing The Smith Manoeuvre, you may want to request you receive these dividends in cash instead so you can use them to prepay the mortgage and then get them invested.  Make your money work more than once.

Prime the Pump

When you obtain the appropriate financing with which to implement The Smith Manoeuvre, you may have access to some equity which you can invest directly and immediately.  While this will be new borrowing and you should discuss option this thoroughly with your advisor, you may decide to invest some or all of it right away to take even more advantage of compound growth and increased tax deductions to eliminate your expensive non-deductible mortgage even sooner.